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LawHelp Interactive or LHI is a website that helps individuals without lawyers generate legal documents. Users complete a questionnaire that guides the assembly of the document. Users can save, edit, and print their documents. In some states, users can electronically file their documents from LHI.

LHI gives people more opportunities to get justice on their own or with the help of advocates. In 2017, over a million interviews were served on LHI.

LHI users can fill out court forms and documents for many kinds of legal cases, including:

  • child support and custody
  • domestic violence
  • debt collection
  • foreclosures
  • evictions, and
  • divorce.

LHI is good for legal aid programs, Courts and other nonprofits too. It allows these programs to provide services more efficiently. That's because the LHI website supports legal professionals who use free software (HotDocs and A2J Author) to create their templates, forms, and documents for their interviews.

LHI is a project of Pro Bono Net, a nonprofit committed to increasing access to justice with technology, in cooperation with Ohio State Legal Services Association. The project is supported by the Legal Services Corporation, the State Justice Institute, and state courts in California and New York. The HotDocs software has been donated by HotDocs Corporation.


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