Rules for Contributing Materials

Contributors must:

Take reasonable steps to be sure your material will not harm the operation of our website. Your material must:

  • Be carefully read and tested,
  • Not contain a computer virus,
  • Not violate another’s intellectual property rights, and
  • Not be defamatory or violate any law or regulation that you or PBN must follow.

Provide quality control of your material. You must:

  • Monitor your material on an ongoing basis to make sure it is accurate, current, and free of technical problems,
  • Change or remove any material if you find any of these problems, and
  • Notify PBN about those problems.

Provide support for your submission. You must:

  • Give instructions for proper use of the material,
  • Let users know if they should talk to a lawyer when using your materials,
  • Provide links to other information when useful, and
  • Answer and respond to any complaints, or assign someone else to do so.

Products integrated with this website may be updated or changed according to the schedule posted at our Third Party Upgrade Policy page.

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