Are you an advocate with a not-for-profit agency? With LHI you can…

  • Find a variety of forms in you state
    Each state has different forms for different legal issues. Find what forms are available in your state at Find Forms.
  • Help your clients easily and quickly complete their forms in a variety of contexts.
    LHI support different interfaces, which can allow advocates to use forms in different contexts. With Neota Logic or A2J, clients can fill out forms at their own pace in a group or on their own with an advocate close by to ask questions. With HotDocs advocates can fill out forms with clients, or lead client groups in clinics, to create finalized documents quickly.
  • Create individual accounts for clients.
    Often litigation, whether it be divorce, foreclosure or a consumer matter is a multi-step process. You can create individual accounts for clients or clinic participants to help keep all their forms in one place, and keep them on track. If this doesn’t work in your office, you don’t have to!
  • Printed instructions for using these forms
    Many forms come with instructions for clients on how to use the forms once they are complete. When the forms are printed, instruction sheets are often automatically generated, providing you with an assist to talk them through their next steps.
  • Help plan your clinics with our Events feature.
    Our events feature makes planning and completing pro bono projects easy, allowing Pro Bono Coordinators to access to interviews and assign cases to Pro Bono Lawyers, who can then assist in completing and filing of forms, litigation, or other proffered services.
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