How does LawHelp Interactive work?

LawHelp Interactive (or LHI and formerly known as NPADO) is a web site that lets people create legal documents. To create a document you will be given an online interview where you will answer questions and at the end of the interview you will be able to request your finished document. Once the document comes up, you can download or print it from your computer. Most interviews also print out instructions on what to do next. LawHelp Interactive is managed by Pro Bono Net. It runs on HotDocs Server software, and interviews are created using HotDocs, A2J and Neota Logic formats. Regular users do not need any special software to create legal papers hosted on LawHelp Interactive.

LawHelp Interactive also provides training and support to legal aid and courts who want to start or have projects in in LHI. If you are with a legal nonprofit, pro bono group, library or a Court, please visit:

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