Who We May Share Your Information With

Service Providers

We may share your personal information with outside service providers, such as software developers we hire to debug or improve our program, or developers of third-party software components (e.g., A2J Author, HotDocs, ZenDesk). These providers may only use or disclose your personal information to provide services to us, debug or make improvements to their software, or comply with legal requirements.

Researchers / Data Analysts

We and our service providers may also share personal information for research, academic studies, data analysis, and reports. Information for these purposes is always aggregated. That means none of the information is linked to a particular person. For example, the data we share may be used to say how many users (not the names of) live in New York. We may also share with others how many people (not who) visited our site.

We do not share information: from:

  • Small categories of specific information that contain fewer than 5 people, or
  • Specific categories of personal information, such as names, Social Security numbers, login and access details.

Practice Area Group / Employers

If you get an account on this site through your employer or practice group, we may disclose your personal registration information to your employer or practice group.

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