Are you part of a not-for-profit or court interested in making forms for you state? With LHI you can…

  • Become a trained LHI developer, ready to make your own forms in your state.
    Through our online and in person training series, we will walk you through everything you need to know to start making online, plain language, culturally competent forms for your community.
  • Rely on support as you develop your forms
    With a dedicated help desk, staff who are ready to trouble shoot and support you at each step, and a vibrant developer community, whether it is your first or you hundredth form, you are never developing alone.
  • Display your forms through a variety of interfaces
    Often different forms are dedicated for different uses, and LHI allows you to display your forms in a variety of interfaces. A2J and Neota Logic provide a very structured interface, perfect for individuals who are filling out these forms on their own, while HotDocs allows advocates to streamline the process, and is often used in clinics or pro bono contexts where advocates are available to help.
  • Display your forms on your client facing statewide website
    Through our LHI widget, individuals can complete your forms on client facing statewide websites; they stay on a page they know and trust, but can complete your document easily.
  • Connect with other developers.
    We have an active and robust community with people developing a variety of forms across the country. Through list-serves, community meetings, ongoing trainings and other learning opportunities, our developer community is always interested in the newest thing!
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